Still using paper tickets?

Not any more!


Zylocon Explorer enables producers to stop using paper tickets and the expense and inefficiency that comes with them. By sending tickets from your current dispatch software or from our Zylocon 360 Ready Mix Dispatch module straight to a tablet running Zylocon Explorer, your customers can sign on screen and immediately receive emailed copies of tickets (if desired) and you can begin your invoicing without waiting for lost paper tickets or the daily or weekly envelope to arrive. Additionally, the improved digital accuracy means less manual work for personnel allowing you to save even more money in monthly salaries. That's "Why Zylocon?".


Zylocon Explorer Paperless Tickets software is priced per tablet per month at a sliding scale. This means it's affordable for companies of all sizes. Currently available for Concrete Producers and Aggregate Suppliers, the native mobile application runs on your tablets and is cheaper annual than paper tickets in most cases. Be up and running in no time. Call us today!


When you no longer are limited by paper, your tickets can now by dynamic. Need a different ticket format, disclaimer or fields per job or customer? No problem at all. Just one of the many additional benefits of paperless ticketing. Need to divert a truck from one customer to another? No problem, void the current ticket and sent the truck a new ticket in route saving valuable time and money.


Zylocon Explorer also supports receiving batch weights. If you are not all Zylocon products, your batch system and dispatch software must support retrieving batch weights via the "Universal Link" and then Zylocon Explorer can also receive the same weights once the load is complete.


Almost. At the moment we only support devices running the Android operating system. While Zylocon Explorer will run on most of those devices, there is always a chance one device might have issues. Therefore we provide a list of "known devices" that the application has been tested on.
In most cases, yes. If your current dispatch software supports sending tickets using the "Universal Link" protocol, then we can absolutely connect Zylocon Explorer devices to your existing dispatch system.


Let us know about your company needs and we will contact you to deliver your quote.