We make state-of-the-art products for the construction materials industry. Concrete producers, aggregate suppliers, concrete and pump contractors will find our products user-friendly, affordable and an asset to your bottom line. More importantly, we build lasting relationships with our customers. If you are ready for capable products, great features and outstanding service, reach out today!

Our small family owned business is blessed with growth and change. Finally we found a real partnership in Zylocon. The only solution that truly takes that journey with us!
Travas B. - Brenner Materials
Zylocon takes the time other companies do not to understand the industry and our needs within it. They changed their products to accommodate our needs when all others would not.
David S. - Y Ready Mix


Do you really expect us to just show you our prices when all others in the industry will not? Well, you would be right. Like everything else we do from service to quality to listening to our customers, we are different. Very different. We have our pricing page but understand first, batch computer pricing is fairly complex depending on your plant. So, we will start you off with our base price and then if you want a specific price, follow the link on the pricing page for a detailed quote and we will be happy to help you out.
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We make the products that producers large and small like to use and that help your bottom line. From batching systems to dispatch software to paperless delivery tickets to GPS tracking & statusing, we love what we do and the demand for our products shows you do too! Setup a call for a demo & quote to reserve your place on our schedule. 


You've got your own server. Your contract IT guy has set it up for you. It's backed up daily. No one can access it and you are comfortable that your data is better on your server than on some computer in the cloud that you don't even fully understand. Until it's not.
But seriously, do I need a moisture probe in my concrete plant? Do I need one for only the sand or also the rock or pea gravel? Ever wondered yourself about the pros and cons? Had trouble getting clear, honest answers? Let’s change that here and now!
So, you have balls appear in your concrete from time to time? Maybe they always happen at one ready mix plant but not others? Maybe they happen so rarely that you have just accepted it? If any of these situations are true, read on to catch the highlights of everything to check with some examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer, yes. Well, ok they should all batch concrete. If not, then how are they called batch computers? What makes us different? Honestly, we don't have enough room on this page so we'll summarize. When you need support, you get it; RIGHT AWAY. When you need support, you get people who know what they are doing not only with our products, but your plant as well. When you need a new feature, we work with you to update our software for your needs.
Our systems will integrate with your current systems in almost all cases. That means you can run our dispatch with your existing batching systems or our batching systems with your existing dispatch software. You don't necessarily have to replace it all at one time.
We've been in the industry in one form or another for more than 2 decades. Zylocon is a new company but formed by those who have done this all before and learned what this industry needs through listening to customers. You need a partner that adds to your bottom line instead of padding theirs.
We are absolutely 100% US based and US owned. As a company who sells globally, we absolutely have resources around the world but we are a US company based in McKinney, TX.