WHY ZYLOCON? Every batch system batches concrete regardless of who you buy it from. While each batching system is different with different features, different levels of complexity and different approaches, they all get materials from your plant into your truck.The difference is the company behind the products you are buying.

“You don’t buy batching systems. You buy the company behind them.”


Ever been told by your current concrete batching system supplier to call an electrician when you call to get help? Maybe call a scale man? Maybe they blame the admix company? Sometimes this is the right answer, much of the time it is just passing the buck. Honestly, don’t get mad at these technicians. They were hired by people that don’t understand your needs to do a job they were never trained for and are likely not qualified to do. Sure you are stuck in the middle, but you no longer have to be.

“Call us. We can at least tell you if your problem with your competitor system is likely the system or something else.”

BUT EVERYONE SAYS THEIR SYSTEM IS EASY TO USE? Does your current batching system feel like it was created by an engineer who has never seen a concrete plant, much less been to one? How can they call that easy? Our batch computer was created by experienced people who have been to hundreds of plants all over the world and who have run those plants oftentimes.

“We work hard so you don't have to.”

  • Complete Manual Backup even with computer failure
  • Windows-based interface can be customized per plant
  • Simple but powerful software that is easy to learn and use
  • Incredible accuracy
  • Tune valuable seconds out of many areas of the batch process for significant speed increase
  • Remote batching
  • Integrates with dispatch systems
  • Integrates with accounting systems
  • Remote assistance from our skilled staff to walk you through questions
  • Automatic backups
  • Accuracy, scheduling, security and maintenance alerts can be sent

PASSION is what makes us different. Ever felt like a company just wanted your money and could care less if their product actually improved your life? We certainly have felt that way. We have a passion for service. A passion for creativity. A passion for quality. Yes we actually have discussions over what is easier for a user, a drop down field or a free-form text field for an area of our software. We discuss if our layout of the components inside our software is easy enough to work on by people unfamiliar with it, like you. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve. Are we perfect? Not a chance! But if you aim for perfection and miss, that leaves you with a pretty fantastic product and company.

“If you wouldn’t accept horrible service for a burger, why would you accept it for a critical tool that runs your business?”


The bottom line for all of us, regardless of the product, is we want our products to work when we need them. Whether it is your car or your can opener, an unpredictable product is irritating and in business directly impacts your bottom line and your reputation with your customers. We use the very highest quality parts in our concrete batching systems that have been tested for years at plants around the work to ensure we provide our customers with the most dependable products we can manufacture.

  • Moisture Probe Integration
  • Adjustable manual panel angles
  • User replaceable switches, indicators and I/O
  • Custom labelable switches
  • Data export
  • Custom reports
  • Custom plant integrations
  • Long-life LED indicators

WE DON’T SELL COOKIE CUTTERS Each Zylocon batching system is customized to your needs. While many of our competitors sell generic systems “meant for everyone”, we only sell customized products. When you order a Zylocon batching system we will work with you to understand the features and functions needed to control your plant. While our manuals and wiring are standardized for easy troubleshooting, we simply tailor how much we add to your system to control cost and provide you with an easier product to use day in and day out.

If you struggle at times with balls in the concrete from one or more plants, we have a few things to check based on years of experience.