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You are probably thinking this is both an odd article for an automation supplier to write and more so an impossible dream right? After all, concrete includes cement and flyash and both are inherently dusty, dirty materials. So, is it actually possible to keep dust out of your batch office?
What is the purpose of the vent on your cement scale anyway? Remember when you were a kid and you would stick a straw into your drink and put your finger over the top and pull it out and the liquid would stay in the straw until you let your finger off? The same principle is at work with the vent in your cement scale. The reason the liquid didn’t leave the straw is because you were blocking the path for air to replace the liquid. Once you removed your finger, you allowed air to rush in to fill the void left by the liquid leaving the straw.
Is dispatch software really only for large companies? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Well, not anymore. For decades dispatch has meant a central location for all data to be accessible to all locations to provide the ability to share resources and plan resources for ready mix concrete production. Dispatch has also been cost prohibitive for many years for all but the larger companies.