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When is it time for a producer to begin using dispatch software?

For many years, the word “dispatch” has conjured images of piles of gold coins or stacks of neatly wrapped bundles of cash. This is because, historically anyway, dispatch was very expensive and complicated and led to producers rightly believing that the amount of money and resources required left small producers out of the running.

Does a concrete batching system have to be complicated to use?

We regularly hear from potential customers that one factor preventing them from replacing their struggling concrete batch system is their belief that all batch computers are complicated and they do not want to learn a new system. It’s unfortunate that many concrete producers have this opinion. Not because it is untrue, but because it doesn’t have to be.

Pro Tip: How to keep dust out of your concrete batch office.

You are probably thinking this is both an odd article for an automation supplier to write and more so an impossible dream right? After all, concrete includes cement and flyash and both are inherently dusty, dirty materials. So, is it actually possible to keep dust out of your batch office?

Pro Tip: Why your concrete plant cement scale vent is so important.

What is the purpose of the vent on your cement scale anyway? Remember when you were a kid and you would stick a straw into your drink and put your finger over the top and pull it out and the liquid would stay in the straw until you let your finger off? The same principle is at work with the vent in your cement scale.

Is dispatch software really only for large companies?

Is dispatch software really only for large companies? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Well, not anymore. For decades dispatch has meant a central location for all data to be accessible to all locations to provide the ability to share resources and plan resources for ready mix concrete production.

Is the cloud safe enough for your data?

You've got your own server. Your contract IT guy has set it up for you. It's backed up daily. No one can access it and you are comfortable that your data is better on your server than on some computer in the cloud that you don't even fully understand. Until it's not.

Concrete plant moisture probe effectiveness.

But seriously, do I need a moisture probe in my concrete plant? Do I need one for only the sand or also the rock or pea gravel? Ever wondered yourself about the pros and cons? Had trouble getting clear, honest answers? Let’s change that here and now!

Do you need a manual panel with your concrete batching system?

We’ve heard that question more times than we can count. Unfortunately, the answer is not black and white because different scenarios come with different requirements and more importantly, all manual panels are not equal. First, we need to understand what a concrete plant needs in order to be controlled.

Concrete balls. How to prevent them.

So, you have balls appear in your concrete from time to time? Maybe they always happen at one ready mix plant but not others? Maybe they happen so rarely that you have just accepted it? If any of these situations are true, read on to catch the highlights of everything to check with some examples.