When is it time for a producer to begin using dispatch software?

For many years, the word “dispatch” has conjured images of piles of gold coins or stacks of neatly wrapped bundles of cash. This is because, historically anyway, dispatch was very expensive and complicated and led to producers rightly believing that the amount of money and resources required left small producers out of the running.

That did not mean at the time, and does not today, that producers could not benefit from a ready mix dispatch system. It just meant it was previously out of the reach of all but the largest producers.

While many companies are still behind in terms of technology, many advances are changing the way producers manage their business. Zylocon has fully embraced the latest advances in technology to provide producers with an ultra affordable ready mix dispatch system that is also extremely user-friendly.

Instead of huge up front cash investments for the software and servers required for other dispatch systems, Zylocon Dispatch has a small setup fee and literally costs pennies per ticketed yard.

This might seem more like a sales blog post but in reality if you look at changes this brings about it’s easy to see how the ready mix dispatch system Zylocon has produced changes the answer to the question we started out with above; “When is it time for a producer to begin using dispatch software?”.

Zylocon is shifting the risk from the producer to the vendor (Zylocon in this case). That single shift has a profound impact for all producers. With a small setup fee the producer now has no large capital expense to absorb. With a very small usage fee, there is literally no justification process to evaluate. With no contract, there is no timeframe commitment to consider. With data importing included in setup, the is no huge data entry process to hold up implementation. With interfaces and exports to accounting systems and batch computers, there is no obstacle preventing a producer from trying Zylocon Dispatch.

If we don’t provide the producer with an excellent product that is useful for every day business, then the producer can simply stop being a customer at any time. A request for the producer’s data is sent in, the account is closed the data link is made available for download in a few days and the producer free to choose any other direction that better fits their company.

This approach keeps the pressure on Zylocon to maintain high quality service and features that are valuable to our customers. This is really how business should be done and is done in many industries. It is also a change that might seem small but the effects change the answer to the question for every producer.

So the answer to the question; “When is it time for a producer to begin using dispatch software?” The answer is now. One plant pouring 10,000 cubic yards per year can easily afford Zylocon Dispatch and 150 plants pouring a total of 15 million cubic yards can not only afford it, but will also find it valuable, user-friendly and better for their bottom line than their current solution.

Sales blog post or explanation of a huge shift in ready mix dispatch system offerings? We will let you decide.