Pro Tip: How to keep dust out of your concrete batch office.

You are probably thinking this is both an odd article for an automation supplier to write and more so an impossible dream right? After all, concrete includes cement and flyash and both are inherently dusty, dirty materials. So, is it actually possible to keep dust out of your batch office?

Well, maybe we should say yes; and no. The reality is, it’s absolutely possible to limit the dust so much that you will certainly feel like it’s eliminated. That said, it’s a concrete plant, so nothing is 100% dust free.

In our experience on plants all over the world, some have had dirt floors, seriously, and some have been so far away from the actual plant you would need binoculars to see the plant, also seriously. In almost all cases, however, the batch room is typically a dusty, unclean environment. Fortunately Zylocon's concrete batch computer is durable and able to be installed in challenging places. Still, there are some good ideas when it comes to keeping dust down.

That said, we have seen some examples of batch offices that are so clean that you would not know you were at a concrete plant if you didn’t look out the window and we felt this might be helpful to many people out there who might strive for such an experience.

These few tips are based on real world places we’ve seen who have tried to tackle the dust problem head on with varying degrees of success.

  1. Elevate your batch office. Second story batch rooms have far less dust than do first story batch rooms as a rule of thumb. Of course there are exceptions with how close the batch office is to the plant but in general, this is a good rule of thumb.
  2. No smoking! Yes, this seems almost antiquated today but only in the United States. Smoking is not nearly as taboo in other places in the world. The reason this matters is because smoking in the batch office leads to open windows and open windows leads to dust.
  3. Reduce the traffic. The fewer times a door is opened, the less dust that will enter the room. Therefore, keep drivers, salesmen and others out of the batch office as much as possible.
  4. Positivity is the key. Positive air pressure that is. Design your HVAC system such that positive air pressure is present in the batch room. When a door is opened, air should push out of the batch room.
  5. Expanded metal walkways and stairs make a huge difference in reducing dust over solid stairs and walkways.
  6. Run a dust collector on the plant. Many of you have no choice in this matter based on laws but for those who have a choice, this can also help.

These tips are obviously not exhaustive however, they are the common approaches we’ve seen that make a huge difference with employed together.

Have questions? Shoot us an email or give us a call. We would love to be able to help.