Is your batch computer fast or is it accurate?

Batch computers aside, fast and accurate are completely opposed. It’s pretty much like fast food. You can have bad food fast and good food slow but you cannot have good food fast.

When you look at the way almost every batch plant is manufactured these days, they do their best to balance the highest output with the highest accuracy. Still, if you were going to manufacture a ready mix plant for accuracy, you would make it with small gates to limit the flow rates of each material. The slower you weigh up, the more accurate your cutoffs can be and you will be more accurate. Of course, in that scenario what you would sacrifice would be speed. If you were going to manufacture a ready mix plant for speed, you would have the very largest gates possible to obtain the highest flow rates possible.

The way batch computers handle the different type of plants depends on the customer usually. For example, some customers insist on accuracy over speed while others insist on speed over accuracy. The technician will accommodate the accuracy leaning customer by ensuring the materials cut off early and take several small jogs to reach target. Each jog costs precious seconds but the customer is happy. The next customer may be just the opposite and demand speed while sacrificing accuracy. In this case, the technician will configure the batching system to cut off much closer to target risking more overages but gaining precious seconds back.

While most customers do lean one way or the other in terms of accuracy vs. speed, it would be much more accurate, no pun intended, to say that your customers are what drive the decision. For example, if you are only batching concrete for paving, 2 seconds per load is an eternity. On the other hand, if you are only batching concrete for blocks or products, then accuracy far outweighs speed. At the end of the day, your batching system should be smarter.

Your batching system should be able to be configured with “batching profiles”. You should be able to assign these profiles to a mix, order, project or customer. Then you could create an “Accurate” batching profile and a “Fast” batching profile. Then you would assign your profiles to the customers as needed and your batching system would then be able to jog less and even potentially have wider tolerances for the “Fast” profile and conversely jog more and have tighter tolerances for the “Accurate” profile.

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