Is dispatch software really only for large companies?

Is dispatch software really only for large companies? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Well, not anymore. For decades dispatch has meant a central location for all data to be accessible to all locations to provide the ability to share resources and plan resources for ready mix concrete production. Dispatch has also been cost prohibitive for many years for all but the larger companies.

Zylocon set out to change not only the definition of concrete dispatch software, but the accessibility. We believe that the very small one plant operation producing 10,000 cubic yards per year needs our product more than the 30 plant operation. Sound crazy?

First you have to understand what Zylocon Dispatch is. Zylocon Dispatch, like many competitor products, provides the tools to handle sales, production, inventory, data management and invoicing to name only a few features. Small single plant owners need all of these tools just as much as larger operations right? Of course, they do! But, what begins to set Zylocon Dispatch apart is the fact that it is accessible from any device you have that has an internet connection. This means your phone, tablet or home computer even, in addition to your work computer. This means, your information is accessible wherever you are. Whether you are at lunch or carrying a load because all the drivers are out on other jobs. You always have the same information available to you with Zylocon Dispatch.

You’ll notice we answered “NO” to the question “Is ready mix dispatch software only for large companies”? The better answer then should probably be, “Zylocon Dispatch was created to be affordable and useful for all customers, not just large customers.”

Our pricing is literally just a few pennies per ticketed yard with no huge up-front investment. We take the responsibility of making our product something you want to pay for. We don’t try to hook you with large up front investments making you feel like you are stuck now because of how much you have invested. If we don’t do our job, fire us! We are here because of and for our customers. For customer's needing ready mix dispatch software, contact Zylocon today for a demo.